Friday, March 18, 2005

Where did the month of March go?

Let's see, there was a quilt show the beginning of March, a wonderful show, beautiful quilts.
I taught a class in crazy quilting last weekend to my guild, The Courthouse Quilters. But my machine got temperamental with me, the bobbin went all wacky (haven't we all been there?), so now it is in the shop. It's a Janome Memory Craft 4000. I love this machine. Before my husband bought me this machine, I was sewing on my mother's old Nelco from the 1970s. It had a hard time going up a layer of seams or foundation piecing or machine quilting. So when I brought this home, I thought I was in Heaven. I still love this machine. Shortly after, he purchase a Janome Jem for me for Mother's Day, something I can drag around to classes and stuff. Then, about three years ago, I stumbled upon a Janome 8000 with a Koala cabinet for $600. A real steal. Dear hubby came through again for me and they came home with me. I had it serviced and played around some. I had hoped to use it more but with the two small girls and a budding antique textile business, there wasn't time.
So I am selling can see the details here:

I have my eye on the Janome 10001 now. With the little one going into 'all day' Kindergarten in the Fall, I might have some spare time on my hands...
While I am on the subject of machines, I have been on a Featherweight kick. My husband bought me a real nice one for Christmas. Now I am searching for a white one at a reasonable price. Boy, I bet he wishes I asked for jewelry instead!

Quilters Newsletter Magazine performed a study a few years ago surveying the purchasing habits of quilts...the average quilter has 2 sewing machines...I guess they didn't come to my house!!

I have started adding newer inventory to the website...patterns that are vintage inspired. I have 2 Redwork Books with patterns based on actual antique quilts, an Apron Pattern that uses a Vintage Printed Tablecloth, and an Elegant Wedding Bag Pattern with Cross Stitch Embroidery. You can see them here:

Have a great day!
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