Tuesday, June 28, 2005

1890 Crazy Quilt

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Newly Acquired Crazy Quilt

Did you know when I first starting quilting I could not stand Crazy Quilts. They are an acquired taste...totally not the normal quilt. After all, many were created with fabrics other than cottons which is what most traditional quilters construct their quilts from. They are rarely even quilted! How can it be called a quilt!

It was not until I endeavored to make one, did I truly appreciate what does into these fantastic pieces. You do not only need to have basic quilting and sewing skills. If you want to create a piece that will oooh and ahhh, you will need to master embroidery stitches, hand painting, applique, and more. You need to be able to be free with your design.

My first piece I made using a Crazy Quilt technique was actually a vest. It won third place in the apparel class in a local quilt show. My second piece was a miniature Crazy Quilt which I donated to the guild that I belong to, for their Quilt Show Mini Raffle. I would like to add, my wonderful friend, Betty, won my quilt, so I know it will be cherished and loved, and I can visit it anytime I'd like to. I am working on another vest in a different color scheme. As Crazy as Crazy Quilting can be...I stay within a certain criteria: block size, number of fabrics/pieces, and the colors involved are limited.

Might I add, my first real antique quilt purchase was a Crazy Quilt. A stunning one in excellent condition, and with provenance. I still have that quilt and cherish it. I go to it for inspiration, sometimes talking to the quilter when no one is watching.

I just added another Crazy Quilt to my collection. It is dated 1889-1890. In very good condition for it's age...I hope I look this good at 115 years old! Only 7 fabrics are showing wear. What is so amazing about this quilt is the amount of hand painting. Many floral motifs, some, crossing over fabric seams to other fabrics. I have never seen so much hand painting, and well done painting, in a quilt before. She even has some dimensional appliqued pansies, and she inked the veins in petals! It is a beauty.

I'll be smiling for the rest of the week because of this quilt. Unfortunately, I do not know who the quiltmaker is on this piece. It really is so important to label our quilts appropriately. Wouldn't you want the person you give a smile to a hundred years from now to know WHO you were, not just what you made?

My best,
Material Pleasures

Monday, June 20, 2005

Antique Redwork Quilt, circa 1920s, possibly earlier. Measures 87"x75". There are 42 hand embroidered redwork blocks that measure about 7.5" square.
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Antique purse , circa 1915-1920s. Ornate metal frame with a blue glass cabuchon clasp. 12" book link chain. Crocheted or knitted in blue thread and blue carnival glass beads. Silk blue lining is original and has a tear in it. The purse and frame are in excellent condition with no losses. It measures 7.5"x8.5".

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Depression Era Vintage Quilt, Circa 1930s. Measures 80"x80". Alternating solid lavender squares and white squares with a pretty hand appliqued flower. Each flower has petals in a feedsack print in a variety of pastel colors, solid green leaves, and embroidered and appliqued with black buttonhole stitches and a running stitch for the leaf veins.

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Catching Up

Material Pleasures is still here! I admit, I need to be more attentive of the blog, it is now on the priority list.

It's been an exciting few months for Material Pleasures.
We have vended at an antique show and a quilt show. I must admit, the quilt shows are my favorites. 95% of the people who walk through the door are interested in quilts, the other 5% are there to hold someone's bags.

Material Pleasures also received a mention in Patricia Cumming's new book "Straight Talk About Quilt Care". The book is only available through her website http://www.quiltersmuse.com/. This books answers many questions concerning your new and antique textiles: caring, display, cleaning, and more. It is useful to quilters, collectors, curators, or just someone looking to preserve Grandma's Heirlooms.

Our two products that we care for textile care are in the book, Restoration and the All American Quilt Wash which can be viewed here:

The books also includes pictures of several quilts that we carry.

On a personal note, school is almost out and it will be my duty not to turn the kiddies into couch potatoes. We have planned swim lessons, gymnastics classes, a math camp, 2 vacations, some small days trips, and for my youngest starting Kindergarten in the fall...Kindergarten Prep.

We have one antique show scheduled in August at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, NJ in August. More scheduled in the fall. You can see our calendar at www.material-pleasures.com. We would love to meet you!